An unforgettable experience with Sevilla Guided tours

One of the urban tourist destinations within the national tourism landscape fastest growing in recent years is Sevilla. With more than 3 million visitors in the last year and growing exponentially, Sevilla is configured as a « must » on the agenda of every visitor to tour the national geography. The reason for this explosion can be found on several factors:

1-rehabilitation plan and improving the historic center of the city has made to enhance the architectural jewels that Seville has at its center.

2-An impressive historical and artistic heritage Sevilla treasures, because of its important role in the discovery of the New World in the Golden Age Spanish and subsequent business from America to Europe (Archive Indian, Torre del Oro, Guadalquivir, etc )

3-geopolitical instability in destinations nearby countries (Egypt, etc)

4-Good weather almost all year long favoring tourism.

Places to visit in Seville

It would be difficult to choose among the multitude of treasures which houses Seville but could list the principal that no traveler could be lost:

-Cathedral, Alcazar, Archivo de Indias, Plaza of Spain, Barrio de Santa Cruz, Rio Guadalquivir, Plaza de Toros La Maestranza, El Arenal, Triana, Las « Mushrooms » countless tapas bars, etc.

Sightseeing in Seville, a good choice

Of all these visits described above it is recommended that at least two, Cathedral and Alcazar, are made with official guides guided mode Sevilla visits. This is because with official guides are taking advantage of the visit is increased considerably, and both monuments with historical value such as Seville Cathedral and the Alcazar of Seville. It is advisable to ensure that the guides have their oficila accreditation as has lately seen an increase in the intrusiveness of guides Unqualified that can lead to a poor quality of the guided tours. Besides there is the phenomenon of the free tours, what am I not agree due to lack of quality control and have these visits.



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