Cienfuegos, the secret city of Cuba

Looking for a relaxing holiday in one of the best places of the world? You don’t need to look for more information because we have the answer for your questions. Cuba is waiting for you to show its incredible paradise and provides you all you need for it!

As you know, its capital, Havana, is one of the biggest cities in Cuba and also one of the most important. But let us tell you that this is not the only one. There are secret destinations that you should visit if you’re interesting in this trip.

Varadero is also well – known because it’s plenty of beaches and also the biggest resorts are there. There, you can find countless activities and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can’t miss this place, of course, but our analysis of the island doesn’t finish yet.

In the south part of the island you will discover a city whose name is Cienfuegos. It’s located on the shore of an important bay called Jagua. This bay is opened to the Caribbean Sea and formed a narrow channel where the ships can sail it if they want to use the port. For this reason, Cienfuegos has the second more important port in the country. Although is not as well – known as the rest of the cities in Cuba but it’s therefore particularly special that you should discover.

There are many places to visit in this unexpected city. In your first journey you can start by the old town which was declared a Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 2005. The first contact will surprise you and you will want more.

Malecon’s promenade is also a symbol of the city. You will by the sea at the same time you enjoy the valuable landscape formed by the palms and the sun. You won’t know if you continue on earth or if you are in heaven.

There’s also an impressive botanic garden which was established in the XX century and it contains lots of different plants of the nearest ecosystems. An astonishing aspect in the city is the abundance of cemeteries since they preserved the neoclassical architecture and their inhabitants want to keep in memory the past of the city.

You can’t forget to look up a detailed guide that will give you more information if you want to discover different places in the beautiful island of Cuba. There are more things but you should visit it a first time and then you can repeat the experience wherever you want.

Let’s prepare your suitcases and come visit Cuba!

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