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Cienfuegos, the secret city of Cuba

Looking for a relaxing holiday in one of the best places of the world? You don’t need to look for more information because we have the answer for your questions. Cuba is waiting for you to show its incredible paradise and provides you all you need for it! As youRead More


Top 4 things to do in Nice this year 2017

Nice boasts many natural wonders, sights, bars and beautiful restaurants for any food lovers. There are so many more local food specialties to uncover. Therefore, the city itself is packed with tourist attractions, so what are you waiting for? Have a romantic picnic surrounded by nature Nice offers plenty ofRead More


Seven days to discover Thailand with Travelgenio

If you have the intention to travel to Thailand because you have discovered your snorkel potential, we recommend you to enjoy in Ko Tao the possibility to enjoy this water sport. But we also offer you the possibility to enjoy the main attractions you will find in this land andRead More


Top 7 Not-to-miss Amazing Attractions In Myanmar

Myanmar (also called Burma) is the sacred land of Buddhism with the golden pagodas, red-cloth monks, and antique monasteries. There also stand numerous natural sites in Myanmar bewitching the oversea adventurers. Now, let’s see the top 7 amazing attractions in Myanmar that you can only found in this gorgeous countryRead More

Finland, province of Aland, Islands of Aland, region Mariehamn

Discovering Finland: the Aaland Islands with Travelgenio

These islands have been object of rivalry between Finland and Sweden during many years. Many of the 28.000 inhabitants live in Mariehamn, the capital. Although they are part of the Finish country, the truth is that the major part of the poblation speaks Swedish as their first language. Let’s discoverRead More

Heart of gold … a pagoda in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Top 7 Famous Tourist Sites In Cambodia You Should See

Cambodia is a gorgeous country with rustic nature and honorable Angkor complex that have long been amazing the newcomers. There stand out 10 most famous tourist sites that all tourists are recommended to see whenever they travel to Cambodia. Now, let’s see what is hidden in each of the renownedRead More


Discover Madrid with Madox Viajes

At  Madox Viajes we say that no city on earth is more alive than Madrid, a beguiling place whose sheer energy carries a simple message: this city really knows how to live. Here is a place where the passions of Europe’s most passionate country are the fabric of daily life,Read More