Finland, province of Aland, Islands of Aland, region Mariehamn

Discovering Finland: the Aaland Islands with Travelgenio

These islands have been object of rivalry between Finland and Sweden during many years. Many of the 28.000 inhabitants live in Mariehamn, the capital. Although they are part of the Finish country, the truth is that the major part of the poblation speaks Swedish as their first language. Let’s discover the Aaland Islands with

Finland, province of Aland, Islands of Aland, region Mariehamn

Interesting info about the islands past

We must start saying that these islands were inhabited by the ancient Vikings that arrived from Sweden. During the 10th century arrived to this land the Christians. It was 1472 when the Kökar Monastry was built. Actually this land is a unique place to enjoy the nature landscapes and that will make an unforgettable memory.

There are also some places like the Kastelholm you cannot miss during your visit.

What to see in the Aaland Islands

Although the capital and the island are the main attractions, this archipelago is formed by more than 6700 islets and reefs. This is a huge number and it is part of the six Finish provinces since 1997. Visitors that arrive here can enjoy, for example:


  • Pommern Boat Museum: it is situated in the most occidental point of Mariehamn, the capital. Visitors can arrive here and discover a unique museum located inside a boat.
  • Mariehamn: this locality is located in the Fasta Aaland Island and it is one of the most beautiful ones we can discover in this area. It is where all the interesting spots are located for travellers.
  • Aaland Museum: the huge and marvellous history of these islands is reflected in this exhibitions, where you can learn a lot about its past and future.
  • Astelholm Castle: it is one of the few castles that are still perfect to visit it.


You can arrive to all these islands by ferry. They were considered duty free during a lot of years and, this fact is one of the main reasons for their exportations. If you want to arrive here you can try to connect your flights from Estocolmo or Turku.

The Aaland Islands are something far different from what we understand as massive tourism and this is the main reason of their attractive.

Only the adventurers arrive here and it is a perfect getaway for those who want to enjoy a different and unforgettable trip to the Northern Europe.

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