Seven days to discover Thailand with Travelgenio

If you have the intention to travel to Thailand because you have discovered your snorkel potential, we recommend you to enjoy in Ko Tao the possibility to enjoy this water sport. But we also offer you the possibility to enjoy the main attractions you will find in this land and in the little populations and beaches. We are going to tempt you just by showing you the many offers you will find to fly to this country and many other emerging ones.

Koh Tao, the perfect island for diving

This island, with almost 20 kilometres is one of the most popular ones in Thailand. The meaning of its name, the Turtle Island, has to do with the many green turtles you will be able to see here. Its peak season is between July and August, when almost all the travellers arrive to its waters. Maybe one of the main characteristics here is the low cost diving possibilities you can find.

  1. Sairee Beach: it is the biggest beach you will find here and maybe the most crowded one. Although it is still like paradise, the truth is that the mass is becoming a little messing for the neighbours. You will find many hostels and resorts. There are many surf and diving schools in the 2 kilometres of beach you will enjoy here.
  2. Mae Haad Beach: Although maybe it is not the best place to search an accommodation, there are many boats arriving here and it is perfect if you are looking for tranquillity. Moreover, you will plan a diving getaway during the day.
  3. Chalok Baan Kao: one of the best proposal for travellers that are looking for the best prices in Thailand, although we must say the beaches are not the best in the country.
  4. Freedom Beach: you will fall in love with this natural spot. It is a really calm place and it is not as easy to arrive as the others. It will be the perfect example of the relaxing feeling you can find in Thailand.
  5. Ao Leuk: it is one of those postcard unique places. If you want to try the snorkel you won’t have any problem. Enjoy, just enjoy.
  6. Tanote Bay: If you are a water sport lover this will be the perfect beach for you with almost 4-5 metres of depth in its waters, so snorkelling is really easy here.

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