Top 4 things to do in Nice this year 2017

Nice boasts many natural wonders, sights, bars and beautiful restaurants for any food lovers. There are so many more local food specialties to uncover. Therefore, the city itself is packed with tourist attractions, so what are you waiting for?

Have a romantic picnic surrounded by nature

Nice offers plenty of parks, at which you can sprawl out. Take in the natural wonders of the local landscapes. Pack a picnic basket and relax at Promenade du Paillon with your family. The park is home to wooden marine animals to keep you entertained. As a case in point, you can find a sea turtle and a huge whale. Take your family on a super fun picnic at Parc Castel des Deux Rois. You can approach a leisurely lunch at this massive site. This park also is perfect for a very enjoyable bike ride and rollerblading during weekend.  Don’t miss out the Parc Vigier where you can relax and enjoy the walking trails.

Take a tour of the Promenade des Anglais

This beautiful place bends for seven kilometers and stretches from the airport to Quai des Etats Unis. The promenade is a haven for walkers, bikers and joggers. Walk around to enjoy the view of the Baie des Anges. Take the opportunity to capture great photos. Additionally, the street itself is lined with bars and restaurants for those who want to relax. You can rent a luxury car of Nice and take a drive along this stunning stretch of road. Moreover, you can marvel at some of the top attractions of Nice by following the promenade, which include the Phoenix Park, the Palais de la Mediterranee and the Museum of Asian Arts.

Indulge in delicious food

You will delight in a variety of coffee bars and luxury restaurants scattered around the city. There’s no shortage of stunning restaurants in Nice such as La Femme du Boulanger, Chez Palmyre, L’Octopussy, Le Bistro Dalpozzo, Portovenere, and Le Voilier Plage. You can also sample local food. Taste some of the city’s best socca. Other must-try foods include the Pissaladiére and the Tourte de Blettes. Apart from that, if you are looking for an authentic French restaurant and shop, head to the Old Town of Nice. You can scour its markets.

Sip a coffee and watch the world go by

Nice offers plenty of tasty cafes for brunch and “goûter”. Once you arrive in Nice, stop by the “Fleur cafe” to order “Café American”. This is a precious place in Nice that has the best coffee. Most people visit the Déli Bo, which serves wonderful drinks and great pastries as well. Tourists come to this place to soak up the atmosphere. However, if you are in search of an international twist on French favorites, then the Pain & Cie is a must. The atmosphere is very relaxed.

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