Top 7 Not-to-miss Amazing Attractions In Myanmar

Myanmar (also called Burma) is the sacred land of Buddhism with the golden pagodas, red-cloth monks, and antique monasteries. There also stand numerous natural sites in Myanmar bewitching the oversea adventurers. Now, let’s see the top 7 amazing attractions in Myanmar that you can only found in this gorgeous country and not miss in today Myanmar package tours !


#1: Shwedagon Pagoda (Yangon)

Shwedagon Pagoda is the golden representative of Myanmar. It is 2500 years old and is believably connected to the Buddhism legends. The top of the pagoda reaches 98m high, and the whole impressive complex contains many surrounding pretty towers that keep the holy treasures of Buddhism. Regardless of the historical wars and disasters, Shwedagon Pagoda is still the world’s most respectable pagoda.


#2: Golden Rock (Mon State)

The Golden Rock is positioned at the height of 1.100m. Together with the little Kyaiktyo Pagoda, it creates extraordinary religious complex. The legendary Rock gains fame for its unstable look and the gold-plate surface. It attracts every visitor and inspires pilgrims worldwide. To enter the pagoda on the summit, it’s a must to pass by the enormously exotic Rock. Nonetheless, only men can approach the rock and women should only watch it from afar.


#3: Shwezigon Pagoda (Bagan)

Bagan is the Mecca of Buddhism, and remarkably, Shwezigon Pagoda is the second largest golden pagoda in Myanmar that has the 12th-century architecture! For the impeccable view of the whole Bagan at sunset, please come to the religious magic site! Also, the antique pagoda is the existing evidence for the golden era of Bagan Empire; it looks intriguing and splendid indeed.


#4: Mahamuni Buddha Temple (Mandalay)

Mahamuni Temple is the religious symbol of Mandalay – the ancient venue of many temples, pagodas, and monks. Here, you see the fascinating Buddha status that is 4m high, 6.5 tons weight, and 15cm thick gold-plate. The gold-plate thickness will increase every year because the Buddhists continue plating gold on the statue to show their belief.


#5: Inwa Village (Mandalay)

Inwa is the lovely little village nestled on Ayeyarwady River. The antique village becomes famous for many valuable remnants like Bagaya Kyaung Monastery, the tilting Nanmyin Tower of 27m high, the pure scenery, and the traditional local lifestyle. The villagers keep their long-lasting habits from father to son, and those conventional ways of living attract the tourists well.


#6: U Bein Bridge (Mandalay)

Located in the age-old Amarapura village, U Bein Bridge is the world’s longest teak bridge (1,2km long). The teak bridge is over 200 years old, and helps the villagers to come home or the monks to go on pilgrimage. The sunrise on U Bein is so shining and striking that any seasoned tourist keeps in mind forever.


#7: Inle Lake (Shan)

The Inle Lake itself is pure and captivating. It is 11km wide, 22km long, and has the elevation of 875m above the sea level. You experience the gamut of feelings when passing by the floating houses, the rustic boats, and especially the leg-rowing style of the fishermen who use one leg to row the boat and another leg to stand. It’s the artistic one-leg rowers in Inle Lake that make up the interesting folktales about this site. More and more tourists come to the lake to witness this exotic rowing style, resulting in the increasing status of Inle Lake on the ranking of Myanmar tourist attractions.

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